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the class of 2024

Meet the class of 2024


Connor Barton

I’m so glad our paths are crossing - I’m Connor, a spirited, triple-threat, theatre creator, whose dreams of performing have brought me from California to New York. I found my spark as self-taught tap dancer - mimicking my MGM heroes, Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire. Since then, rhythm and dance have shaped my life. I rung in 2024 making my New York Theatre Debut in the regional premiere of Anastasia at White Plains Performing Arts Center. In addition to performing, I am an aspiring director/choreographer - serving as associate choreographer for multiple collegial productions helped me realize my love for storytelling and refine my skills in collaboration. I hope the passion and joy I infuse into my art inspires others to do the same. When I’m not performing you’ll find me out in nature, soaking up the sun in a hammock with my friends. One day I am going to accomplish my goal of backpacking across North America… that would make a good musical, no one steal that. Do I have you hooked? Let’s take this over to my website!

Maggie Website Shot.jpeg

Maggie dzina

Hello! I am Maggie Dzina! I am a dancer, singer, and actress originally from Dallas, TX. I started dancing with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders icon Kitty Carter, and spent two years performing with the Dallas Youth Repertory Project. I attended Booker T. Washington HSPVA for dance and eventually found my love for musical theater during my high school years.  Off the stage you will find me taking spin classes, trying new restaurants (I’m a huge foodie), skiing, and thrifting. I plan to reside in New York City directly upon graduation.

Theater Headshot.jpeg

Elizabeth Fox

Hey there, I'm Elizabeth Fox! I was born and raised in Berlin, Connecticut with my parents and big sister. I will graduate in the spring with a Musical Theater Major and Business Leadership Minor. My Mom introduce me to theater when I was little, by player her Andrew Lloyd Webber CD in the car! I am a very versatile performer, with a broad range, who takes direction well. When I am not doing theater I love to play with my puppies, Winnie and Zuzu, paint, or hang with friends and family!

Kate Heffernan Headshot 1.jpg

Kate Heffernan

Hey friends! My name is Kate Heffernan (she/her) and I’m an ambitious triple threat from Buffalo, NY. Go Bills! I am a driven performer who firmly believes in the phrase “Everything Happens For a Reason.” I got my start in musical theatre at the age of four, screaming my little face off to “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from Annie. Outside of performing, you can find me weight lifting at the gym, being a HUGE Disney adult, or cooking/baking up something delicious.

Claire Website Headshot.jpg

Claire Kennard

Hello! I am Claire Kennard, and I am a performer, choreographer, dance teacher, and certified group fitness instructor originally from the great state of Kansas. I spent three lovely years at Wichita State University before deciding to make my dreams a reality and finish my degree at Nazareth University… I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else! When I am not performing, you can find me chilling in a local coffee shop, making various arts and crafts, or taking long walks with my amazing partner and our dog, Winnifred. I can’t wait to call New York City my new home in a few short months! @claire.kennard

Cassie Lloyd Headshot .jpg

Cassie Lloyd

Hey, I am Cassie! I was born and raised in the sunshine state of Bradenton, Florida. Growing up involved in theatre, I found a thrill in storytelling and have been able to hone these skills over the past four years. In my spare time, you will find me in the gym, trying a new restaurant or even a new cocktail. Never taking myself too seriously, I love to make people laugh. I look forward to calling New York City my home away from home after graduation.


Sabina May

Hello! I’m Sabina and I hail from the city of bridges, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Growing up I was surrounded by the arts and singing before I could talk. I was first introduced to the world of performing at the age of 6 and haven’t looked back since! Im an avid concert attendee always on the lookout for new artists of all genres to experience. Whether I’m out and about or cuddling up on the couch with my pup, I enjoy surrounding myself with people that have my cheeks sore from joy and laughter. 

Maddy Montgomery Headshot.png



Hey everyone, my name is Madalyn Montgomery! I’m a fierce little nugget on and off the stage with a bubbly personality that is contagious. I found my passion for the Performing Arts while tapping my heart out in a Christmas Story, the Musical at theREP in Albany! I see life as a novel and what is so beautiful about this career is the many chapters we get to create. When off the stage you can find me playing competitive games of Skip Bo, going on hikes, traveling or obsessing over anything Disney.

Retouched Headshot- No glasses.jpg

Austin Sykes

Hey y’all! My name is Austin Sykes, and I’m originally from Fort Worth, Texas. I grew up playing a multitude of sports while also performing all over the DFW area. I found my true passion in performing, for bringing other people joy is what brings me joy. Alongside performing, I love costuming, choreographing, and playwriting! When I’m not performing, you can find me dominating online Mario Kart tournaments or researching paleontology. @a_syke

Jacob Wadstrom Headshot.jpeg

Jacob Wadstrom

Hey folks, I’m  Jacob Wadstrom! I’m a proud and strong musical theatre performer with a love of all things Shakespeare. Growing up in Roanoke, Virginia, I found my love of theatre when I saw how it opened up a gateway to far off places with stories that both transport and resonate with people anywhere in the world. At Nazareth, I have only continued to discover myself through the work and I am so excited to be able to share the joys of theatre to so many new faces. When away from the stage, I can be found in the gym, reveling in nature or at your closest bar playing Liverpool FC games!  

Alexandria Davis_Headshot.jpg

Alex Davis

Hello there, my name is Alex! I’m thrilled to be making my way into the world after finishing my degree. I’m an actor, singer and dancer from Brunswick, Ohio. I started performing in fourth grade and haven’t been able to stop since! I’ve grown into a well rounded artist who is confident in her own talent and excited to take on whatever project comes next. I have a bubbly personality and love to meet new people! Offstage, I can generally be found reading in a cozy corner with my cat Pepper or enjoying a Disney movie. After graduation I’m hoping to pursue projects in both theatre and tv/film. 


Ella Falcone

Hi, I’m Ella! I’m a singer, actor, dancer, and musician from Plainfield, New Hampshire. I love sharing stories and connecting with new people, and though performing is where my heart lies, I also have experience in stage management and costuming. I grew up on a sheep farm as the second of five sisters while training and working at Northern Stage in White River Junction, Vermont. Outside of theatre, I love traveling, playing the piano, looking after children, thrifting, and getting coffee at Dunkin’.

Renee Haley Headshot

Renee Haley

Hey hey! It’s Renee! I am a performer born in Boston MA. I found my love for the stage at a young age and have used it as my driving force through life. I grew up in the dance studio but found my purest joy in musical theatre. Outside of performing, I love to spend time with my family and chosen family, sit down with my embroidery, get nostalgic with a good Disney movie (Peter Pan is my favorite) and try all kinds of different foods! 

Gina Headshot.jpg

Gina Incandela

Hello! I am Gina Marie Incandela, and I have spent the past four years working hard to prepare myself for life ahead in the industry. I was once non-verbal and diagnosed with a form of Autism when I was three years old. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have benefitted from early intervention services and music therapy, which unlocked so many doors, helped me find my passion, and changed my life. I am overjoyed to be graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I am grateful to my colleagues, my friends and my family for the endless amounts of love and support they have shown me over the years. I hope to continue inspiring others that anything is possible and to never give up. Love big, and always choose kindness.

jaden silly.jpg

Jaden Kindle

Hey, hey! My name is Jaden Kindle, and I am a performer and choreographer currently based out of Rochester, New York. Originally, I got my start in Oklahoma City, where I discovered my life's passion — performing. In my work, I emphasize the joy, collaboration, and human connections that theatre brings. I have completed three wonderful years at Wichita State University, working towards my B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. During my time in Wichita, I fostered relationships with amazing companies such as Music Theatre Wichita, The Crown Arts Collaborative, Andover Dance Academy, and with students of all ages. In Rochester, I have had the pleasure of working with companies such as Geva Theatre, Blackfriars Theatre, and The Floor Dance Company. I will receive my degree from Nazareth University, where I continue to hone my crafts and passions, not only for performing, but also for teaching and choreographing. Let's inspire each other!

Ava Massaro Headshot.jpeg

Ava Massaro

Oh hey! Ava is my name and artistry is my game. I'm a passionate and versatile performer who has been up on a stage since the fourth grade. Both legit and contemporary works excite me, and I have a special fondness for anything by Sondheim. Firm believer in being the energy you want to attract - so you’ll always find me with a positive attitude. And fierce eyebrows. After graduation, I’m looking forward to opportunities in both theatre and tv/film.


Jade McGlynn

Hey!! My name is Jade McGlynn, I'm a fierce and dynamic performer originally from Los Angeles! I fell in love with musical theatre at six years old and have been on stage since. Off stage you can find me taking care of my cat Macy, taking a cycle class or listening to an audio book! After graduating I'll be moving to NYC unless an opportunity takes me somewhere else!


Reese Stojanovski

Hi everyone! My name is Reese Stojanovski. As an Aries, I am as fiery as my fake red hair, and I have been dancing and singing before I could walk or talk. When I’m not onstage, I am probably busy with working on my makeup artistry, songwriting, listening to Harry Styles, or analyzing horoscope charts. I love literature and I’m a huge Shakespeare nerd. I also love any chance to talk about Marvel theories over a few iced chai lattes or bottomless margaritas.

J. Jake Thomas - Headshot Retouched 1.jpg

J. Jake Thomas

Hello hello hello! I grew up in a small town outside of Watertown, NY. Growing up in a place where my differences were not always celebrated, it is my goal in life to create safe spaces for others. I love the idea that for 2 hours audience members and performers alike can leave behind their problems and find connections in someone else’s story. When I am not performing, you can find me watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, reading a good book, or listening to Renaissance by Beyonce. After graduation, I plan on moving to the city with the goal of providing an outlet for others through performance.

Andrew Wicklum Headshot

Andrew Wicklum

Andrew Wicklum (he/him) Hiiiii, I’m Andrew! I found my love for theatre while growing up in Augusta, Georgia. At Naz, I have been able to refine my craft and redefine what kind of artist I want to be. I take pride in my leadership skills and growth oriented mindset. In my spare time you will probably find me trying something new, shopping at a vintage clothing store, or enjoying the outdoors with my camera close by. I am thrilled to continue sharing my passion and drive with the theatrical community outside of Nazareth once moving to New York City after graduation.

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