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meet the class of 2023


Amara Briony

I’m originally from the quiet, rural village of Catskill, NY. Although my roots stem from this insular, upstate environment, I come from a background with a Black southern upbringing and influences of my Jamaican culture. When I’m not performing, I share a passion for teaching and work within advocacy among my community. All of my projects, whether large or small, have contributed to my growth as a performer and my human experience. After graduation, I am looking for performance opportunities and I am ready to make experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.


Nicholas Orion Brown

Hey there! I'm Nick (Orion) Brown, I grew up in Fulton New York and have been involved in the theatre world since I was about 14. At Nazareth I have a Technical Production minor, mainly with experience in scenery building and technical direction, as well as the Musical Theatre major. After school's done I hope I'll be able to use that to work almost anywhere in the theatre world, hopefully on stage anywhere but also working on a show in any capacity works for me.


Sarah Brundage

Hello! My name is Sarah Brundage and I am graduating in May with my BFA in Musical Theatre. I am a character actress with a love for all things comedic. When I am not on stage, I can usually be found out and about with friends and family, napping, or going on weekend adventures. After graduation, I plan on moving to NYC to continue pursuing my dream!


Alexandra Cooke

Hi there! My name is Alexandra Cooke and I am an actor currently located in the New York Capital Region. I grew up in Queensbury, NY,  just outside of the beautiful Adirondacks! My love for theatre started at a very young age, Annie was my absolute jam! When not performing, I am spending time with my family and friends, listening to my favorite artist, Lizzy McAlpine, or eating Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey Granola Bars. Who doesn’t love a good crunch?

Hannah Decker

Hi there! I'm Hannah Decker from Aurora, IL. I'm a senior BFA Musical Theatre major and I’d like to think I'm known for my bubbly personality, adaptability, and diligent work ethic. Along with Musical Theatre, I am also pursuing a Business Leadership minor at Nazareth College.  I love working in the theater in any way possible: whether it's building the set, organizing props, acting onstage, or working behind the table with the production team, I love it all! It is one of my core beliefs that theater is one of the best outlets to reach others in a powerful way and to discover more about oneself.

Hannah Decker-89-2_edited.jpg

Noah Robert Detar

Hello I am Noah Robert Detar! I am a lively and dedicated performer, able to take on a wide range of characters and emotions. When appropriate, I love to make big faces and movements on stage. I am positive, considerate, and I want to be the most helpful person I can be during a production. After graduating this Spring from Nazareth College, I look forward to opportunities in theatre and film on the East Coast in places such as Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York.

Molly H. Enstice

Hi! My name is Molly Enstice, I am from Buffalo, New York. I have always loved to make people laugh and that is where I found my love for theater. I am an outgoing, and adaptable person in both theater and my everyday life. When I am not doing theater I am with friends or family, finding a fun adventure for us. I love being busy so I love the way that the theater world keeps me on my toes and that I get to work with so many new people. 

Ireland Fernandez- Cosgrove 

Hi! I’m Ireland! I am a fun-loving Puerto Rican and Irish actress from Syracuse, NY. My passion for performing began with my breakout role as a rock in my fourth grade production of Jungle Book jr. I am multifaceted - endlessly goofy and physically comedic, but also quiet and introspective. I hope to create art that not only makes people laugh but also challenges their preconceptions. Outside of theater you can find me collecting Pokémon cards, building Lego sets, and watching procedural crime shows. After graduation, I plan on moving to NYC to further pursue my passion of performing in theater.  


Caroline M. Gerety

Hi I’m Caroline Gerety!  I am originally from New York City and am excited to return after graduating with my BFA in Musical Theatre and a Dance minor. When I was eight I was diagnosed with a chronic illness: Crohn’s Disease but I have found that it has only made me a stronger, more resilient person.  I have been involved in theatrical productions since I was seven, but outside of theatre I enjoy reading (particularly historical fiction), arts and crafts, any outdoor activities, and cuddling with my beagle mix Nutley. 

Catherine J. Gregory headshot.jpeg

Catherine J. Gregory

Hi! I am Catherine J. Gregory I was born in Jersey City New Jersey with my twin sister. My passion and love for theatre began at a very young age and I have been so lucky to continue to pursue that passion at Naz. Along with Musical Theatre I am also pursing a minor in communications and media with a specific interest in digital marketing and social media. While most of my training is in theatre I am hoping to get into film and tv after graduation. When I am not performing I am happiest when I am talking about Weiner dogs, all things colorful, my friends, and content creation. 

Tyler Gregory Kelly 

Hello! I’m Tyler Gregory Kelly, a New York City based actor. I cannot wait to return to the Big Apple this May after earning my BFA in Musical Theatre from Nazareth College. Growing up, my Irish-Italian family was a big influence in my life and supported me unconditionally. Wherever I am performing, you can usually find them in the audience, cheering loudly.  When I’m not on a stage or in a studio, you can usually find me hanging out with my two adorable puppies -- Hershey and Snickers. Animals are my passion, and I was a long-time volunteer in the education department at my local zoo. I look forward to returning to my hometown and creating meaningful theatre for all to enjoy!

Michael King

Hi there, I'm Michael King! Growing up in Greece, NY, and having many family ties to music, I immersed myself in any theatrical opportunity that came my way. To find me watching a comic book film, listening to a vinyl record from my collection, rearranging my Funko Pops, or reading the next book from my "to-be-read" shelf in my free time would not be a surprising sight! I can't wait to see what the universe has to offer.

Connor Pofahl

Hi there! I’m Connor Pofahl. I am originally from Fresno, CA and will be graduating Nazareth College in May with my BFA in Musical Theatre. I will also be completing a minor in legal studies, living my Elle Woods fantasy. I strive to bring collaboration and light to everything I work on and I always stay on my toes, both metaphorically, and sometimes literally.

Connor Pofahl_edited.png

Alexa Powell

Hi, I’m Alexa! I would describe myself as an organized go-getter who is passionate about accessibility in the arts. I am both a performer and director pursuing theatre as a transformative space that can inspire change. When not doing theatre, you can find me doing any number of creative things like songwriting, graphic design, & crocheting. After graduation, I’m looking to go wherever the opportunities take me!

Weston Pytel

Hello, my name is Weston Pytel and I am an actor. Which, you probably already knew but I digress. My performance journey started with Meriden Youth Theatre, a YMCA Arts Program in my hometown when I was ten, and since then have grown into the performer I am today. In my daily life, I love rewatching episodes of the greatest sitcom of all time (Frasier) with my family, eating Bumble Bee Lemon Pepper Tuna, as well as reading classic literature. I appreciate everyone who has helped shape me into the person I am today and continues to support my passion for the arts.

Daniyah Jezel

Daniyah Jezel, born and raised in Northeast Washington, D.C., grew up in a Baptist household where she started singing in the church choir. She began performing at the age of 11 when she was a background dancer in The Wiz, but the love truly arose when she was cast as Ariel's understudy in Little Mermaid and Fiona in Shrek when she was 14. She also has love for hair and makeup which has gotten her through many doors in her career. Outside of performing, you may find Daniyah songwriting, doing hair, makeup, modeling, cooking, singing with her family or listening/singing jazz music. She is excited to graduate and continue sharing all of her gifts with the world. 

Harrison Sakai

Hello! My name is Harrison Sakai and I’m a Japanese American actor based just outside of NYC in Westchester, NY. I fell in love with theatre in high school after dipping my toes in just about every other creative endeavor I could. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved telling stories, and when I found theatre I just happened to find my favorite way of telling them. Off stage you can find me collecting retro video games, writing, and admiring pugs.


Molly Stout

Hello! I’m Molly Stout and I’m originally from Edwardsville, IL. Once I graduate Nazareth College in May with my BFA in Musical Theatre, I know that my passion for learning will not end. I will forever be a student and a collector of knowledge. This is what I love most about theatre, as it allows me to continue to pursue knowledge. I get to delve into a story and share what I have the privilege to learn with the audience. Outside of theatre, I am an avid reader, coffee drinker and mug collector! 

Adam Shank

I am Adam Shank, a BFA Musical Theatre major at Nazareth College. I grew up in Maryland and I am very excited for graduation this May. While I love my time on stage singing, acting and dancing, I also love my work behind the scenes. Over the past four years, I have had the opportunity to expand my skills by taking on the roles of assistant choreographer, assistant director, and assistant dance captain on various projects. 

Kallie Ann Tarkleson

Kallie Ann Tarkleson was born and raised in Saratoga Springs, NY. Theatre sparks a light in her that nothing else does. It allows her to be the weird and bubbly person she is and transform into things she never thought she could be. Outside of the theatre, you can find her making all sorts of coffee, reading any kind of fiction book, and cuddling with her golden retriever, Knute. 

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